SOP Masterclass for MS/MIS/PhD Applications

Write a SOP so good they cannot resist YOU

Instructor: Nistha Tripathi
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Why this course?


100 min recorded workshop with Nistha to help you write the SOP that never fails and gets you the best admission offers possible.

Conducted by renowned study abroad expert coach Nistha Tripathi

This is the mother of all Masterclasses. Over past 10 years, Nistha has helped Indian and Asian candidates get into world’s topmost universities like MIT, Stanford and Harvard. She has even worked with reapplicants who got much better results after reworking on their SOPs with Scholar Strategy.

The consistent results that people have gotten via Scholar Strategy is only possible because Nistha knows what Admission Committee is looking for and how to tell the perfect story in your applications.

This is not yet another generic webinar that will give you the cliched advice like ‘SOP is not your resume’. There would be specific strategies and advice that can transform your average application into an admit worthy application.

Workshop will cover:

  • How to tell the perfect story in your application
  • Step by step process to craft a winning SOP from scratch
  • How to talk about weaknesses in your profile
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in the SOP
  • Excerpts from real SOPs that got into Harvard, MIT, CMU, Columbia, UT Austin and more


50+ clients of Scholar Strategy have attended Top 15 schools in USA, Canada and Europe

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Who is this for?

Anyone who is thinking about MS abroad (not just USA) but not sure how to go about it.

Is it only for STEM candidates (I see mostly tech examples in your website)?

While 99% of our clients have come from STEM background (MS in Engineering, MIS, MEM, PhD, MFE kind of courses), the story crafting process is universal and the strategy will be beneficial for any kind of major.

However, we have no knowledge of Medical and Law courses abroad, so if you are applying for those, we don't know if this will be relevant. Enroll only if you feel comfortable because there won't be any refunds.

Will it work for management programs too?

This will work for any non-MBA, non-Medical, non-Law course that asks you for one SOP. Some programs ask for multiple essays (eg MBA) - in that case, you need to respond based on the prompt of those essays.

What we cover in this Masterclass is how to craft a SOP (statement of purpose). If your program asks for one SOP, this will definitely help. Again, please enroll only if you feel comfortable because there won't be any refunds.

Why should I study abroad and worry about all this?

My career supercharged because I went to US for my studies. I have seen people hailing from normal middle class transforming their lives and their families by getting a good education and job in US. If you are from a STEM background, you should consider studying abroad.

Why should I listen to you?

I have studied MS in CS from UIUC (world’s 5th best CS program) and MBA from NYU (world's 10th best MBA program). I have worked on Wall Street and with early stage tech startups in New York. Further, I have helped 650+ clients via Scholar Strategy to study in TOP 100 universities in US and the world.

Fee sounds expensive. Is it worth it?

You will be spending anywhere upward of 1 lakh on your applications for study abroad programs. With a better SOP, you can get a better admit and better jobs. So, it is your investment in a better future. You decide how much is it worth

When do I have to attend this?

The live workshop happens once but the recording is available to you for lifetime.

Sold. How do I enroll?

Click on the ‘Enroll now’ button and join in.

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365 days access to the session's recording.

5 Sample SOPs from applicants who were admitted to Top 50 Universities.



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