Internship & Jobhunt Masterclass

Train yourself to get $100K+ job offers in Grad School (USA)

Instructor: Nistha Tripathi
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Why this course?


In 5 hours, Nistha will teach you the exact secrets her clients use to land their dream internships and jobs in USA (with $100K+ salaries)

Conducted by renowned study abroad expert coach Nistha Tripathi

This is Scholar Strategy’s SIGNATURE Masterclass. Over past 10 years, Nistha has helped Indian and Asian candidates get jobs at highly competitive and selective companies like MAANG, Chan-Zuckerberg initiative, Salesforce and more. The consistent results that people have gotten via Scholar Strategy is only possible because Nistha herself cracked top jobs in Wall Street and startups in New York.

She was one of the ONLY 6 INTERNS selected worldwide for a TOP technology associate program at Citi, New York. Later, her precise jobhunt strategies helped her land a dream job with a startup in Manhattan that made her drop out of NYU MBA program. By the way, she did all this amidst 2008 recession.

She knows what it takes to get TOP jobs not just in normal times but in bad times like recessions.

Getting into your choice of College or Grad/Business School is only the beginning. Most of the students do not realize how quickly time goes by and before they know, the career fairs start and they are completely unprepared for it.

With this masterclass, you will NOT fall into the same trap because you will be 200% ready for what is to come when you start your education in the US.

This is not another generic course that teaches you cliche advice on writing resumes. This is also not a course that will just tell you how the recruiting process will work. This is much BIGGER.


Anybody can jobhunt but don’t you want more than a job? Don’t you want a career where YOU WILL THRIVE for decades to come? This course will help you get in the right mindset for building exactly such a career (and of course earn in top bracket at the same time)!

Masterclass will cover:

  • How to build effective LinkedIn profiles and Resumes keeping in mind ATS filters
  • How to find companies for applying
  • How to strategically do the actual job hunt
  • How to network effectively and get job referrals
  • How to give winning answers in behavioral interviews (practice QnA sessions & framework)
  • Excerpts from real resumes, cover letters and interview questions

The course has been refined over last 6 years and contains strategies for recession based job search that Nistha herself used in her days in USA.

We think that the mindset to find jobs in a tough economy is very different from those in normal times. We are heading into a GLOBAL RECESSION. Recessions can be good because they weed out average people and only the fittest survive. Nistha thrived when 2008 meltdown happened and she wants you to do the same through this course.

Most of the above topics are relevant to people irrespective of location and industry.


Previous attendees are currently working as Product Managers, Designers, Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers and Analysts at companies like MAANG, Salesforce, Epic Games, Samsung, NetApp, Citi and more. 

Recording available for replay

PS. This consists of 4 (1.5 hour each) sessions in basic and a bonus 1 hour session in premium package


Switching from IT to Product Management became doable with Scholar Strategy’s masterclass. If one closely follows the step by step guidance, it is absolutely feasible to land a great opportunity.

Priyasha (Product Manager, Salesforce)

I received two internship offers from Meta and Nvidia.  One key take away which I got from your sessions was to apply early and I did exactly that. I had my first internship interview setup on August 23rd from Apple and finally landed an offer on December 20th. Thanks for all the advice.

Gokul (Stonybrook EE, AMD, Nvidia)

I bagged a summer internship at Chan-Zuckerberg initiative in Bay Area. Internship process went smoothly for me and I applied to only 30 places. It was all because of your guidance that this was so easy for me. Thank you so much!

Ajita (Product Designer, Chan-Zuckerberg)

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Course Curriculum


Who is this for?

  • You are heading for an MS/MBA/MIS or any Master’s level professional program within next 6 months
  • You are in first year of your Master’s program or 3rd year of your Bachelor’s program preferably in USA (90% advice works for other countries too)

Is it only for US or STEM candidates?

85% course is relevant for all countries and all backgrounds. There is some US specific advice esp when it comes to jobhunt timelines and university resources. You decide.

However, we have no knowledge of Medical and Law courses abroad, so if you are applying for those, we don't know if this will be relevant. Enroll only if you feel comfortable because there won't be any refunds.

Why should I worry about all this?

We think that the mindset to find jobs in a tough economy is very different from those in normal times. We are heading into a GLOBAL RECESSION. So, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Our strategies will help you prepare for these times.

Why should I listen to you?

I (Nistha) have studied MS in CS from UIUC (world’s 5th best CS program) and MBA from NYU (world's 10th best MBA program). I have worked on Wall Street and with early stage tech startups in New York. Further, I have helped 650+ clients via Scholar Strategy to study in TOP 100 universities in US and the world. I thrived when 2008 meltdown happened and I want you to do the same through this course.

Fee sounds expensive. Is it worth it?

You will be spending anywhere between INR 10-50 lakhs on your study abroad. With a great job, you can get the best ROI on your education. So, this is your investment in a better future. You decide how much is it worth. By the way, other jobhunt workshops with so MANY details and tactics are priced anywhere above $200. This course is priced at half or less of those. 

When do I have to attend this?

It is pre-recorded and you can watch it at your convenience.

4 LIVE classes took place in April, each session running 1.5-2.5 hours. What you have here is now the full recording of those sessions so that you can watch it whenever you want and complete each session at your pace.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry we are not able to offer refunds for now. Please check the testimonials and ask us questions before joining if you are not sure. We are happy to answer your queries on scholarstrategy@gmail[dot]com

Sold. How do I enroll?

Click on the ‘Enroll now’ button and join in.


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Attend all 4 sessions LIVE and get access to the recordings



Attend all 4 sessions LIVE and get access to the recordings
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